Gravesite of Kate Blood

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) Some might say a full moon on Halloween is an ominous sign and Local Five heightens the mystique with an urban legend.

“If you were not specifically looking for Kate Blood, you probably wouldn’t find her and that has led to her gravesite being the stuff of haunted legends throughout the decades. For the last 25 years, I’ve been traveling the world in search of the strange and unusual,” says Chad Lewis with Supernatural Dares.

It’s folk tale that’s haunted Appleton for quite some time.

Lewis says, “The legend is that Kate Blood murdered her husband and their young children, therefore she was not allowed to be buried inside the cemetery proper, which is why her grave is down by the river in a secluded area.”

Strange incidents have been reported at Kate blood’s gravesite –like blood oozing out of her headstone among other otherworldly occurrences.

“People often come out here and see a shadowy figure standing behind the gravestone but when they try to get closer or make out who or what it might be; it simply vanishes into thin air. Other people hear odd noises and see disembodied balls of light floating.”

Her last name “Blood” probably adds to the allure of this local folktale.

Chris Vanden Dusch is a self-proclaimed tombstone tourist and says, “I knew about the legend of Kate Blood and I wanted to teach my daughter some history and also some stuff about the paranormal because my daughter and I are interested in the paranormal world.”

As far as Kate Blood, it seems the tale is pure myth.

Lewis says, “By all accounts, Kate Blood was an upstanding member of the Fox Valley community. In the 1800s, she was married and had a daughter, and lived a life where she was helping out her community. She died at a very young age of tuberculosis. So the origin of her murdering her husband and her children is just not accurate, even though people still have experiences at her gravesite.”

Vanden Dusch says, “My thoughts of the urban legend is if you are a believer then it’s believable but if you’re not a believer then it’s not believable for you. I find it to be a very interesting story.”

Lewis also says that Kate Blood was one of the first burials in the area and that’s why her grave is set apart and overlooking the Fox River.