Geronimo is ready for a rebound



“I can let it rip

Make no mistake about it,  Geronimo Allison is back. 

And after missing three quarters of last season with a groin injury, he feels healthy and ready to go.

“I’ve been out there flowing.  I am 100%.  Thank God I haven’t had any hamstrings or any lingering problems with my injury and I’ve been doing pretty well”

The Packers have had a long progression of leadership in their WR group from Donald Driver, to Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and the most recently departed Randall Cobb. 

Which leaves as the second-longest tenured player at his position and a leader by default, something he’s getting accustomed to.

“It was weird but I’m owning it.  And I feel comfortable in the position where I’m at. 

I’ve been doing pretty good with the offense and I’ve been pretty good with helping the guys along the way.  And we’ve all been working together collectively.  It’s tough because I am a guy that likes to be hands-on and helping out anyway I can. So to be able to have to take a step back it was challenging at first, it also gave me a different insight as of last year.  

Being a mentor coach to the younger guys, helping them out here and there where I could.  And just kind of analyzing my game and dissecting I game and some things that I needed to work on.  It’s important to get off to a good start this year is see what I did last year, and sustain it early on.  I think that would help me elevate throughout this year.”

The Packers were predominantly a pass-happy offense under Mike McCarthy, and while that might be similar in some ways with Matt LaFleur running the show, it’s also clear he wants to run the football first. 

For those catching passes from Aaron Rogers, Devante Adams is clearly the number one target.  But it’s pretty crowded at Allison’s position and there are only so many footballs to go around. 

Last year in the first quarter of the season before his injury, Allison’s numbers projected to be pretty big at roughly 76 catches for 1,150 yards and 8 TD’s.  And there really wasn’t any question as to whether or not he wanted to stay in Green Bay.  Especially after meeting his new head coach when he was hired.  

“Matt is an enthusiasm guy. He has us energized and he has us competing at a high-level. He’s a bright guy and a bright personality, he’s always in the building smiling and encouraging the guys. You know when we come into the building we are all already ready to work and it’s a fresh start. So the guys are feeling kind of good about it.

As an undrafted free agent, Allison has known from the beginning that nothing will be handed to him. 

And his blue-collar approach has worked so far in his career.

“I think every year is a critical year in this league, at any given moment things could go left, or things could go right.  So every year accounts. I always approach it that way. 

My journey has always been that way.  It’s always been a challenging and rough start but there’s a grind to it, I’ve always had that mentality. 

Nothing’s ever came easy.  So every year, every day, every rep, every moment is important to me.”

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