Thursday morning, Christine Bekyir shared her family’s journey through Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity.

“We went from an overcrowded duplex with a moldy bathroom and drafty windows to a nice four bedroom ranch home,” she said.

To earn the home, the family logged 500 volunteer hours with the organization, helping to build their home, other area Habitat homes, and working at the ReStore.

It was during her hours at the ReStore that Christine noticed an upgrade was needed.

“I could see that there was a need for an expansion,” she said.

Maureen Meinhardt, ReStore Director, told Local 5 that storage is a major issue in the store’s current facility.

“Right now we have to store our materials in a lot of different locations,” she said. “We have storage in other warehouse facilities, in our warehouse, in trailers all around the city.”

That need for space will soon be met, with a new campus for the Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity at 1967 Allouez Avenue in Bellevue.

The campus will comprise of a new affiliate office and 25,000 square foot ReStore location, significantly larger than the stores current 10,000 square foot facility.

The facility currently houses Van Lanen Printing Co, but Habitat officials can see the potential.

“It’s kind of like when you buy a new house and you see other people’s stuff in there and you just think of how your stuff’s going to fit versus their stuff,” Meinhardt said. “I’ve been dreaming about it for a while, I know it sounds corny, but I can’t wait to get in here and get going.”

Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity plans to officially close on the property in July, and complete construction on the new facility in Fall 2019.

To fund the project, the organization has started the “Framing our Future” campaign, with the goal of raising $3.5 million.

To date, $2.1 million has been raised.

For more information on the campaign or to donate, click here.