GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — On Debra Lane in Green Bay, a Habitat for Humanity build is getting underway.

Officers with the Green Bay Police Department worked Wednesday to cap the foundation of the new home, setting the stage for the rest of the project.

Lt. Steve Mahoney says that while the Department has worked with Habitat for Humanity before, this is the first time they’ve lent a hand so early on in the home-building process.

“We’ve done siding on a house, we’ve also done drywall in the basement of a house,” Lt. Mahoney said. “I find this almost more rewarding because it’s totally outside of any of our norms doing this. It is nice to see what starts the process of a house being built.”

Although none of the officers on hand were experienced at the task, Lt. Mahoney told Local 5 that the learning process had been painless.

“The contractors from Habitat for Humanity are very nice,” he said. “They’re very patient, teaching us cops how to do carpentry work is quite the challenge for them. Once we figured out what they were asking, it kind of smoothed out for us.”

Wednesday’s volunteers set the foundation for a home that will be completed by other volunteer groups.

“We’re just out here doing our part to help,” Lt. Mahoney said. “It’s just a great community effort to make the City of Green Bay a better place.”

The build is expected to be completed in three to four months.

To learn more about Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, click here.