GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s important to have someone who is looking out for you.

The faith-based nonprofit organization, Young Life, is doing just that. The group strives to invite young people to experience life as God designed it to be lived. This month, the Green Bay chapter is preparing for a fashion show.

The event is a fundraiser to help students earn money for summer camp. Students and their mentors will get the chance to spend a week at Timberwolf Lake in Lake City, Michigan in July.

“Being at camp for a week with a kid is like knowing them for a year,” says Heather Faulkner, director of Young Life Green Bay.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people,” says Green Bay East junior Aaliyah White.

The fashion show will be held at the Rock Garden Wedding and Event Venue in Green Bay. Students will have a partner accompanying them as they strut down the runway.

“The kids get to model local boutiques and they get to highlight the awesome fashion we have in our community, but also they get to be the stars of the show, says Faulkner. “They’re glammed up and we get to cheer for them. They get to model with one of their leaders or their mentors, so it really is an example of what Young Life is all about. It’s about us walking alongside of kids.”

Green Bay East senior Diamond Hogan, who’s been a Young Life member for five years, says being involved with the organization has helped her break out of her shell.

“When I first started, I was more of like the background person that just helped and got told what to do and now I’m more of like the front person,” says Hogan. “They’ve definitely shown me I’m definitely more of a leader rather than the person that’s following the leader.”

Members say they enjoy coming to Young Life, because they have open discussions and the organization’s mentors and leaders help them to achieve their goals.

“I know if I ever needed something I can always come to Young Life. They definitely build you to be a better person,” says Green Bay East freshman Victoria Perez.

“Every other Monday we do campaigners, and I really like that because I’m with a bunch of girls and we can share anything we’d like to and no judgment whatsoever,” says Green Bay East junior Mercedes Castro.

Young Life started in Green Bay in 2003 and eventually opened its first club in 2004. The program is currently present in six Green Bay schools: East, Preble, Bay Port, and De Pere high schools and Washington and Edison middle schools.

The Young Life Green Bay Fashion Show will be on May 19 at 7 pm. For more information on Young Life, click here and for more information on the Young Life fashion show, click here.