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May 6th – 12th is National Nurses Week.
The American Nurses Association observes the week to recognize the significant contributions nurses make to improve the health of the nation.    
Aurora BayCare Medical Center is putting the spotlight on their nursing staff and the important work they do.

Aurora BayCare is recognizing one of their many dedicated nurses as their ‘Nurse of the Year’. This year’s recipient was picked due to her selflessness and compassionate actions.

Registered Nurse Gianna Schliep has worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Aurora BayCare Medical center for 5 years– it’s a tough job, “Very busy you know you’re dealing with people that are dying a lot of the time and trying to prevent that from happening.”

But for Gianna it’s rewarding, “I like to take care of people especially here in ICU where you get to work with people on their worst days and really get to make a difference for them,” explained Gianna Schliep, RN, BSN, SCRN, ICU nurse, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Gianna is very driven to succeed and help others, “I have all the specialty training and I also serve as a kind of mentor for a lot of people in the unit,” said Gianna.

That drive is one reason she was chosen as Aurora BayCare’s ‘Nurse of the Year’, “It really demonstrates someone that goes above and beyond, providing our core values around excellence, compassion and respect,” explained Heather Schroeder, RN, Vice President Chief Nursing Officer, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Gianna was surprised when she received the honor, “I was very shocked, ” said Gianna, “It kind of reinforces all the hard work I’ve done to get where I am and inspires me to keep going in my career too.”

The award is meant to celebrate and elevate the nursing profession, “It’s looking at what nurses do each day and also honoring them and giving them an award for the outstanding care and service they provide,” said Schroeder.

Gianna was nominated by a peer who told Gianna’s story of how she was instrumental in saving the life of a patient, “It was her critical thinking skills in identifying status changes just some of the smallest status changes in this patient that her peer really felt helped this patient  survive,” explained Schroeder.

Gianna was also chosen for her mentoring skills, “She builds that credible trust with her peers, she builds that credible trust with her patients, she is a strong advocate for her patients  ” said Schroeder.

Aurora BayCare recognizes their nursing staff in many ways- from praising them for a job well done during a shift and more, “We have different awards given throughout the year such as the Daisy Award the Life Safety Award, these are done on a monthly basis,” explained Schroeder.

Gianna appreciates all the recognition she gets from the Aurora BayCare, “It keeps you going it keeps you motivated to keep going,” said Gianna. 

For Gianna nursing is all about being there when she is needed the most, “Being able to help them through that really hard time and get them to the other side where they are able to get out of here,” said Gianna.

Aurora BayCare also honored 14 other nurses on National Nurses day with a variety of awards. 

To learn more you can call AuroraBayCare at 866-938-0035 or email 

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