Healthwatch: Laborist Program helps high-risk mothers


There are many factors that can make a pregnancy high risk including if the mother is over 35, expecting multiples, or has high blood pressure or diabetes.

Those complications can lead to an emergency at any time, and that’s why the Laborist Team at Aurora BayCare Medical Center ensures that a board-certified OB/GYN will be on site at all times.

“With some of the high-risk things, how high risk it is can change pretty quickly,” said Dr. Brian Dobbins, a board-certified OB/GYN at Aurora BayCare. “There are some times that being readily available is not good enough, and we need to be in the hospital to address those.”

Jennifer Christus is one such mother, whose complicated pregnancy lead to a nearly nine-week hospital stay.

“I always felt comfortable that there was a doctor here if I needed one,” Jennifer said.

Dr. Dobbins described Jennifer’s condition as a “unique problem.”

“Normally the placenta attaches to the uterus and then separates after delivery,” he explained. “Hers was actually growing into and through the uterus.”

The condition is known to cause excessive bleeding during delivery.

Jennifer says when she started bleeding and knew it was time to deliver the baby, having an OB/GYN at the ready made all the difference.

“I started having issues in the middle of the night,” she said, “so it was actually essential that they were there, I didn’t have to wait for a doctor to come in.”

Jennifer’s delivery went well, and her baby is now at home and healthy with the rest of her family.

“We were really looking forward to just having a third child,” she told Local 5. “And so now it’s just the completion of our family and we’re looking forward to having our family grow together and move forward after this experience.”

Aurora BayCare was the first hospital in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin to have a 24-7 Laborist Program.

To learn more, you can visit Aurora BayCare Medical Center’s website by clicking here, or email

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