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Green Bay (WFRV) The Aurora BayCare Spooky Sprint is right around the corner.
Even if you’re not in shape to run a 5K you can still walk the route.
But if you think you might want help training for next year, one local hospital has a program designed to help folks work their way up to a 5k.

These runners in training are getting in shape to run a 5K in Aurora BayCare Medical Center’s Run for Fun Program, “The Run for Fun Program is a program we have to get people who are wanting to start to run or for brand new runners who don’t know how to quite progress into their running,” explained Amanda Riesenberg, exercise specialist, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

The ten week program  teaches them how to do it right, “People work up to running a 5K by starting off in small increments where they can run as little as the quarter mile, a half mile at a time and every week we just build up to getting them to their goal race of the 5k,” said Riesenberg.

And the class involves more then just running, “We do a combination of running, strength training, we work on running form, we work on nutrition,” said Riesenberg.

And learning with a group of people who have similar goals helps, “It helps with motivation but it also helps with accountability,” said Riesenberg.

The group’s goal is to run the 5K at the Aurora BayCare Spooky Sprint, “We do this event to promote community wellness and fitness,” said Nick Olsen, Business Development Specialist, Sr., Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

The Spooky Sprint offers a 10K, 5K and 1K family fun run, “We have a distance for everybody, so weather you’re a beginner or an elite runner we do have a distance to suit your needs,” said Olsen.

The run kicks off outside The Brown County Arena, “It is a Halloween themed race so we do encourage people to come out and have fun with it dress in your costume,” said Olsen.

This year the race is stroller friendly. For five dollars you can have your stroller buddy go along, “And that five dollars gets that stroller riding buddy a Sweet Street ticket and gets them their own t-shirt,” explained Olsen.

In fact, all participants get a ticket into Sweet Street, “Sweet Street is just a fun event for kids to do trick or treating right inside Shopko Hall so you get done with the race you go into Shopko Hall and enjoy Sweet Street,” said Olsen.

A little incentive to help these future runners – cross the finish line.

The money raised at the event goes to Sting Cancer.
The spooky sprint is Saturday, October 28th in front of The Brown County Arena.

To learn more you can call AuroraBayCare at 866-938-0035 or email 

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