(WFRV) – Ever get pulled over by a Wisconsin State Trooper and wonder if the Wisconsin State Patrol has a ‘quota’ for issuing citations?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), there is ‘absolutely’ no quota for issuing citations. It is also mentioned that the State Patrol does not get any revenue from traffic citations.

There is a FAQ page on WisDOT’s website that answers questions in regard to enforcement. The question regarding the State Patrol and the quota was under the enforcement category.

State Patrol officers absolutely do not have a quota for issuing citations. Furthermore, the State Patrol does not receive revenue from traffic citations. Most of the revenue generated by traffic citations goes to the county where the citation was issued and the state’s common school fund. Other citation assessments and fees help finance various state and county court and legal functions.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The page also talks about how people can contest traffic citations. Those who got a citation are advised to follow the instructions listed on the citation.

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