(WFRV) – While most people know that open intoxicants are not allowed to be in typical vehicles in Wisconsin, what about motor homes?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, open container laws apply to all motor vehicles, including motor homes and pickup campers. There is an exception, which is motor buses designed to transport people and having a passenger carrying capacity of 16 or more people and chauffeur-driven limousines.

Limos and buses must have a hired chauffeur.

The fine for open intoxicants is $263.30 for the driver and $200.50 for passengers. What are the rules when it comes to having alcoholic beverages in vehicles?

No, you cannot have an opened container on your person in a motor vehicle on a public highway. Containers of alcoholic beverages with the seal broken must be transported in the trunk, or in a portion of the vehicle not normally occupied by passengers if the vehicle does not have a trunk – not the glove compartment.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

All of this information can be found on the WisDOT’s FAQ page regarding enforcement. There are additional categories on the page including child restraints, citations and others.

The details about alcohol can be found under, the ‘alcohol’ section.