(WFRV) – Ever drive around and see a cracked windshield and wonder: ‘Is that legal in Wisconsin?’

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), drivers can operate with a cracked windshield depending on where the crack is. The crack cannot be in the critical area, according to officials.

The WisDOT has a frequently asked questions page about enforcement on its website, and the information says the critical area is in the windshield wiper area.

The page also links to the WISDot’s transportation rules which has a specific category regarding windshields. Below is an excerpt describing exactly what constitutes an excessively cracked windshield.

The windshield may not be excessively cracked or damaged. A windshield is excessively cracked or damaged if:

(a) The windshield has a crack inside, or which extends inside the windshield critical area.

(b) The windshield has cracks which extend into any area morethan 8 inches from the frame.

(c) The windshield has stone or shot damage with a diameter in excess of ½ inch in the windshield critical area or in excess of 1½ inches in diameter in any other area.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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