(WFRV) – People may have remembered their parents, or someone else, telling them not to turn on the lights inside the car because it is illegal. But is it actually illegal to drive with your dome light on in Wisconsin?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), it is legal to drive with your dome light on. However, officials say that it is harder to see at night with a light on in the vehicle.

The light also reportedly affects night vision. It is mentioned that inattentive driving could be involved depending on why the driver has the light on.

The WisDOT has a frequently asked questions page where the department explains varying questions. On that page, there is also an entry about when drivers can operate fog lights and off-road lights.

During inclement weather, two headlamps and no more than four lights can be on, according to WisDOT. Off-road lamps mounted outside restrictions cannot be operated on roads. The WisDOT then links to transportation rule 305.075(5).

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