(WFRV) – Over one in 10 Wisconsin drinkers identify with at least one sign of alcoholism, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by Alcohol.org, surveyed 4,957 drinkers to find out how many identify with some of the warning signs and symptoms of alcoholism.

Based on its finding, 11 percent of drinkers in Wisconsin admitted to having at least one sign of alcoholism. This is just under the national average which was totaled at 13 percent.

Surprisingly, the state of Wisconsin, which is known for its vast number of breweries, doesn’t have nearly as many residents displaying symptoms of alcoholism compared to states like: Delaware, Montana, New Mexico, Illinois, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

All of these states reported having more than 20 percent of drinkers identifying with symptoms of alcoholism. A breakdown of these states can be viewed below:

States% of Drinkers Who Identify with Symptoms of Alcoholism
New Mexico25%

Experts took the study one step further by classifying the respondents by age to see which age group is being the most impacted by alcoholism. The results were as follows:

Age group% who identified with at least one sign of alcoholism
18 – 2412%
25 – 3414%
35 – 4415%
45 – 5412%
55 – 6415%

Based on the table, drinkers between the ages of 35 and 45 and 55 and 64 are seeing signs of alcoholism more than others.              

But what are the ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms’ this study is referring to?

According to experts, signs of alcohlism include:

  • Not being able to stop drinking once a person has started
  • Constantly monitoring ones alcohol situation
  • Blacking out regularly
  • Drinking even when the person doesn’t want to
  • Being ashamed of their own drunken behavior
  • Doing things they don’t intend on doing while drunk

The most frequent symptom reported by Wisconsin drinkers was constantly monitoring their alcohol situation, according to the study.

Experts found that 40 percent of drinkers in Wisconsin said they can relate to the feeling of constantly monitoring their alcohol situation, meaning they are always making sure they have a full glass or bartender nearby to refill their drink.

However, this is not the only sign of alcoholism manifesting itself within Wisconsinites. The study highlighted that 24 percent of Wisconsinites said they reported not being able to stop drinking once they have started.

A full breakdown of Wisconsin drinkers and their reported symptoms can be found below:

Symptom of Alcohlism% of Wisconsin Drinkers with Symptom
Constantly monitoring drinks40%
Not being able to stop drinking once started24%
Regret drunken behavior14%
Do things while drunk they don’t intend to10%
Drinking leads to negative consequences6%
Drink when they don’t want to5%
Sometimes black out1%

In addition to the above signs and symptoms that could indicate a potential problem with alcohol, Alcohol.org has shared other indicators of alcoholism that residents should watch for:

  • Feeling powerless in terms of controlling one’s own level of alcohol use.
  • Wanting to reduce drinking but being unable to do so.
  • Developing a higher tolerance for alcohol, or needing to drink more over time to reach the desired effects.
  • Experiencing alcohol cravings when not drinking or withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking and nausea.
  • Continuing to use alcohol even if it leads to personal, social, physical and relationship problems.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism you are encouraged to contact the American Addiction Centers by phone at 866-335-6002 or online.