(WFRV) – In August, nearly 10% of all vehicle wholesale dealers in Wisconsin had their licenses revoked for violating state law.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation released information regarding a recent revocation of the vehicle wholesale dealer license from 129 companies. The companies were previously located at 101 Skyline Drive #1 W814 in Arlington, Wisconsin.

It was determined that each of the wholesale dealers violated state law by failing to maintain business facilities and to make records available in violation of Wis. Admin. Code ch. Trans 138.03(1) and Trans 138.04(3).

At the Arlington facility, there are reportedly 989 licenses issued. There are similar centralized facilities in Elkhorn and Beaver Damn.

Of the 1,748 total whole dealers licensed in Wisconsin, 1,507 of them are in centralized dealer facilities. That means just over 7% of the entire wholesale dealers licensed in Wisconsin were revoked.

Wisconsin’s wholesale dealers can only sell, offer or negotiate sales of used motor vehicles to licenses dealers only and cannot sell to the public.

The list of the wholesale dealers and their revocation dates can be found here.