FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – A 13-year-old boy in Van Dyne was looking for a way to make his own money.

Instead of getting a normal teenager job like mowing lawns, his parents encouraged him to turn his passion for fishing into a way to make money. A.R.K Flies was then born.

“A lot of people don’t tie flies anymore and it’s hard to come by somebody who is selling them,” said Aiden Kind.

Each letter of A.R.K Flies stands for an initial in his name: Aiden Robert Kind. He started the business about four years ago and balances filling orders with going to school, doing his homework, and playing sports.

Kind threads together premium walleye fishing flies in his room. He attaches colorful deer hair to a hook with thread, the process takes him less than five minutes to complete. The fish think that the deer hair is a minnow when it moves in the water and fishermen are able to catch walleye and bass.

 “I told my teachers at the beginning of the school year that I own a business and they were like really, they were shocked,” said Kind.

Kind sells the final product to local bait shops and others who place their orders on his Facebook and Instagram pages. He said he fills between 200 and 300 orders per year.

Kind said he has been hooked on fishing for as long as he can remember. When he wanted to make money so he could buy his own fishing supplies, his parents suggested he figure out something he could do that would involve fishing.

Kind said he’s learned responsibility, persistence, and time management from owning his small business. He said it has been a lot of hard work but that he has enjoyed doing it.

His father Jon said owning the business has helped Aiden improve his social skills and that he has seen him mature over the years.

“Shows that if you work hard on something you can accomplish anything,” said Jon Kind.

Aiden and Jon said they’re extremely appreciative of Rymers Lakeshore Mart and Fremont Bait and Tackle which are two stores that he frequently does business with.