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200+ Page GBPD Internal Investigation Exposes Racism, Sexism

Chief Andrew Smith, "Around here we are going to...hold people accountable"

GREEN BAY - Local 5 has obtained a 200+ page document describing an internal investigation at the Green Bay Police Department.

This all began when the Green Bay Police Professional Standards Division looked into an officer mis-using sick time.

However, what they found was a trail of bullying, racism, and sexism by nine officers on the night shift.

Officers used the MDT--a messaging system that sends texts between squad cars--to send inappropriate messages between each other.

Among the reported 17 incidents, one particular portion of the report describes an officer imitating an ape while walking behind an African-American officer.

Two of the officers that were a focus of the investigation resigned while it was underway; while another resigned following a different investigation regarding accusations of falsifying police reports. 

In addition to that, six other night shift officers were disciplined for their part in the harassment. 

Chief Andrew Smith of the Green Bay Police Department said in Green Bay they hold people accountable,

This could have all been swept under the carpet. We could have made this go away, or we could have ignored it or we could have brushed it aside, but that's not the way we do business around here.

Around here we are going to investigate things fully, get to the bottom of everything, hold people accountable, and be as transparent as possible.

Local 5 will release excerpts from the report following a full review of the investigation over the next couple days.

Stay tuned to wearegreenbay.com. 

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