Socio-economic conditions in Brown County since 2011 show that the region is in need of improvement when it comes to areas like air and water quality.
However, there are several areas that have seen a great deal of improvement over the past few years. 
According to recent findings, Brown County is highly rated when it comes to the cost of living, quality education, and even outdoor recreation. 
“We’ve seen good improvement in the area of child abuse for instance. We’ve also seen improvement in the area of teen pregnancy,” says David Pamperin, CEO of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.
Findings of the 2016 LIFE study were released on Friday morning, showing trends, strengths, and challenges for the region by examining key indicators for economic, physical, and emotional well-being.
“There are a number of things in relation to basic needs. Whether it’s the discussion about families and their economic challenges or whether it’s about supplying people with just the basic needs of food, subsidies, etc.,” says Greg Maass, CEO of the Brown County United Way. 
And while many areas, such as tourism and civic involvement, have improved since 2011, others, like water and air quality remain a threat.
Community leaders say it’s easier to find ways to improve the quality of life for people in the region when previous progress has been laid out right in front of you.
“Instead of one entity thinking they can do this by themselves we kind of all pulled together with one mission and motive and that’s to provide a high quality valid research proposal to the community,” says Maass.
Results of the 2016 LIFE study were released by the Brown County United Way, the Greater Green Bay Chamber, and the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.