MIDDLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – A 22-year-old from southcentral Wisconsin was arrested for his fourth Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated (OWI) offense after he was pulled over and found with open intoxicants.

According to the Middleton Police Department, Saul Hernandez Martinez was pulled over around 1:10 a.m. on September 16 after an officer reportedly noticed a vehicle weaving and deviating from its lane.

After following the vehicle on Century Avenue near the intersection of High Road, the officer initiated a traffic stop, stating that Martinez was also fluctuating speeds along with swerving from the lane.

During the traffic stop, officers reported Martinez to have had glassy eyes, slurred speech, and a smell of intoxicants coming from his breath. Officers also reported to have found open intoxicants inside the vehicle.

Martinez, a 22-year-old from Madison, was arrested for Felony OWI, which officers say is his fourth offense. It was also noted that Martinez has a .02 restriction related to his previous OWI offenses.

Martinez was booked into the Dane County Jail and was ticketed for Deviating from the Designated Lane and Possession of Open Intoxicants.