3rd Annual March for Science held in Green Bay

Local News


Several Northeast Wisconsinites participated in the 3rd Annual March for Science in Green Bay on Saturday.

The event began at Green Bay’s City Deck, and included a presentation from Chemical Engineer Gary Lefko, the founder of “Secret Science”, an organization that aims to get kids interested in science. To demonstrate the power of science, Lefko imploded a 55 gallon steel drum using atmospheric pressure.

“Science has taken us from the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightment, and we don’t need to turn around and go backwards,” Lefko said. “Science has brought us electricity, technology, space travel… All these things that we enjoy, (have) been brought to us by science. Science is here to help, not to hurt us.”

Green Bay’s March for Science was one of many across the country Saturday, with the aim of supporting scientific knowledge and discovery.

After the science demonstration and a few speeches, participants walked to the Brown County Library, where a “science bazaar” was held from noon to 3 p.m.

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