LITTLE FALLS, Wis. (WFRV) – Four kids and their pets all died in a Town of Little Falls house fire on Thursday.

According to the Sparta Fire District, at around 9 p.m., crews responded to a house fire located in the 3600 block of Backtrail Road in the Town of Little Falls.

Officials say that in the initial report, crews were notified that there were four people trapped in the upstairs portion of the house with no way out.

Upon the arrival of both fire crews and law enforcement, the home was reportedly already fully engulfed in flames, and because of the intensity of the heat, smoke, and fire, firefighters’ attempts to gain entry into the home were unsuccessful.

Crews began conducting an exterior attack and were eventually able to extinguish the flames and ventilate the home. Crews then quickly began searching for the victims.

Officials report that this search was made more difficult due to the fact that the second floor of the home had collapsed resulting in crews needing to sift through debris to locate the victims.

The fire district confirmed that four victims were found dead along with several pets. The victims were all children.