Wis. (WFRV) – Doctors and first responders are ready to see an uptick in injuries this 4thof July weekend.

Dr. Nels Rose, Emergency Medicine Physician at Baycare Clinic said, “We see an increased injury pattern with fireworks and burns and also alcohol-related injuries.”

Experts said across the country fireworks send nearly 10,000 people a year to the hospital for injuries.

“Burns everywhere related to either fireworks or campfires, those kinds of things. We see eye injuries,” said Rose. “Additionally we see hand injuries, the notorious fingers being blown off. It’s very common when people are handling fireworks.”

When it comes to kids, first responders and doctors alike urge caution.

Lt. Shauna Walesh of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department said, “Sparklers burn at over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s comparable to a blow torch. So with kids, we really urge kids not to play or use fireworks. Have adults around. The other thing is to have shoes, especially on children. If you step on a sparkler that was just used it’s still holding that temperature of 1000+ degrees.”

They warn to be prepared; always have a water source to put out fireworks and keep pets safely inside.

“The legal fireworks at your home like the sparklers, the smoke bombs,” said Walesh. “If you use them, don’t use them, intend on throwing them out douse them in water, let them soak in a bucket of water before putting them in the trash.”

Experts said the most important thing you can do is use common sense at all times.