GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The City of Green Bay received a $5 million grant to redevelop the Shipyard District.

The grant is expected to help out funding for phase two of the program, which is supposed to include a lawn for concerts, festivals, and other events. Alongside the lawn, a dog park, urban beach, playground, and splash pad are included in the plan.

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich says he believes the improvements will begin this summer. “The Fox River has been a working river for this community for a very long time and will be into the future as well. I think we’re finding the balance between industry and recreation and appreciation for our natural resources and support for economic development,” said Genrich while speaking to the media.

Shipyard Redevelopment Project
Shipyard Redevelopment Project

The redevelopment program is aimed to turn Green Bay’s Shipyard into a prominent destination within the Midwest. The now-vacated brownfield will be transformed into a destination for tourism and recreation.

“For us to receive five million dollars in order to make the improvements that we’ve heard or wanted by the community just makes that much more likely. For us to develop those resources locally is just a bit more of a struggle. We expect a lot of private development to go on in this neighborhood and that would be to the benefit of this area and these developments. It would take much longer if we needed to accrue all those funds,” added Genrich.

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