The 6th Annual Tundra Bowl was held at the Watering Hole in Howard Saturday.

Dozens of people from 9 different states show up to participate in the country’s second largest Tecmo tournament. Tecmo is a video-gaming experience where gamers play as NFL teams. This year’s event celebrated 27 years since the game was released for Nintendo.

“Today is all legit, original video cartridge games with original systems, original controllers, all that good stuff. We play the old TECMO Super Bowl that released in 1991 on the original Nintendo,” says Tournament Director Nate Smithson. “Really it’s just uniting gamers that grew up with this game or picked it up later really living out that nostalgia and then also being able to teach that next generation how to play the game.”

Nearly $2,500 dollars in cash and prizes was given away, including an autographed Bo Jackson jersey.

All donations made at the tournament will go to “My Brother’s Keeper.”