APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) Up and coming Democratic challenger Amanda Stuck is looking to unseat two-term Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher and both candidates are gearing up ahead of Monday’s debate.

Both U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher and State Representative Amanda Stuck are getting ready for WFRV Local Five’s live prime time debate in a similar fashion.

Congressman Gallagher says, “I’m talking to people in northeast Wisconsin, and helping out where I can and Feeding America does incredible work so that actually is the best debate prep just listening to the common sense good people of Wisconsin.”

Representative Stuck says, “I’m just out knocking on doors out talking to voters, so I think that’s really the best way to prepare is to really just talk to voters directly and hear what’s on their minds and hear what they want from their representative in Congress.”

That’s where the similarities end. Mike Gallagher describes himself as a conservative fighting to fix Congress and get Washington working for Wisconsin.

Amanda Stuck describes herself as a true Wisconsinite and a champion for Wisconsin’s families. However, disagreement is sure to follow candidates on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Congressman Gallagher says, “At a time of intense division, I hope we can have a civil debate about serious issues that’s why I’ve run a purely positive issue-based campaign, but unfortunately my opponent has run a purely negative campaign, filled with personal attacks.”

Representative Stuck says, “I’m not sure how Mike Gallagher can say that we’ve attacked him personally when again all I’ve done is pointed out his voting record and certainly that is on the table when you are running and people have a right to point out how you have voted and that does not make it a dirty campaign.”

Scholars say there’s one issue both candidates should pay special attention to because it’s a reality for all voters.

Phil Clampitt, Chair of Communications for UW Green Bay says “The issue would probably be COVID and the way it’s being managed and handled. It continues to be the area where there’s the greatest discrepancy between the way Democrats view the issue and Republicans view the issue.”

Congressman Gallagher says, “I know we’re going through an incredibly tough time with coronavirus and I think that’s what makes our neck of the woods so special that we work hard and that we’re nice to each other and we treat our neighbors with respect even if we disagree with the political sign in their yard.”

Representative Stuck says, “I’m just looking forward to having a chance to really talk about the issues and that voters would really take the opportunity to listen and understand where we both stand and who would be the best representative for them.”