FOX VALLEY, Wis.(WFRV)- “We always consider the word emergency is objective, each person has a different definition of what a true emergency is,” said Daniela Kollmansberger, Emergency Medical Technician for Gold Cross Ambulance Services. Gold Cross Ambulance has been providing emergency services to the Fox Valley Region for over 50-years.

WFRV’s Eric Richards recently went on a ride along to see what “A day in the life of an EMT” is really like. Outside of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job of an EMT is stressful and at times can be adrenaline filled. “Gold Cross really is the only transporting entity that exists in this area,” said Kollmansberger.

The backbone of Gold Cross is their in house Dispatch Center. Nick Remenesko is the Systems Director. “We have our call predictor system that we really use for two things, to determine where the most likely spot is within our regional service calls are going to come in,” said Remenesko. The other is being able strategically assign units to the “hot zones.” “It also will let us know what the most efficient routes of travel are and determine what an ambulance can touch in 8 minutes or less,” said Remenesko.

Response times are very important in medical assist calls, minutes matter in arriving and treating patients. Dispatchers play a critical role in making sure EMTs get to their calls safely and quickly. “I’ll let Outagamie or Winnebago know whoever is the closest, is coming and that’s how it goes,” said Jerrica Franke, Paramedic and Dispatcher for Gold Cross. Franke, who works in both roles, has a different perspective. “I update my crews with notes that they need as well which is very important,” said Franke.

No two calls are every the same and all of the employees of Gold Cross know that complacency should not be a part of the job. They approach treating every patient differently, providing them the best care they can. “Everyday is different, every family we interact with, you hold a piece of them for the rest of your life,” said Kollmansberger. She adds that they job has been very rewarding.

Often times we don’t think about an EMT until we are in an emergency or see an emergency happening. There are more than a few TV shows and movies that feature EMTs but we all know that is not the real deal. “Everyday is a new opportunity, so everyday is like you’re continuing your education,” said Caitlin Dewar, Paramedic for Gold Cross.

Like many businesses, Gold Cross is hiring, as they look to expand services throughout the region. They provide training in house and stay up-to-date on certifications. For a look at employment opportunities click here. A friendly reminder that when you see the flashing lights and hear the sirens, move over to the right.