A Monstrously Fun Time: Two Boys Affected by Childhood Cancer Get VIP Treatment at Monster Jam

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Eight-year-old Miguel and five-year-old Brody have a few things in common.

The two Northeast Wisconsin boys have both fought cancer, and they share a love for monster trucks.

Miguel’s mother, Arlene, says that the battle hasn’t been easy on her son.

“He just had his big round of chemo on Monday, so all day yesterday he was still throwing up, but he perked up come here,” she told Local 5 Thursday afternoon, as Miguel and Brody visited with monster truck drivers, and even got to climb into the vehicles themselves.

“He’s been talking about it all week,” Arlene continued, “he’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to go to monster trucks, we’re gonna go to monster trucks.'”

Brody was also excited to see the giant trucks in person.

“The can do flips and wheelies,” he said when asked why he loves monster trucks.

Brandon Vinson, driver of the Gravedigger for Monster Jam, was one of two featured drivers who showed the boys the trucks.

“They get to come out here on the floor and get a VIP tour of what we do,” Vinson said. “It’s exciting for them and it’s exciting for me to be able to get the opportunity to hangout with them and play out here.”

It’s an exciting day for the drivers, the boys, and their parents.

 “For them to see it and actually get in the trucks and meet the drivers, that’s going to be an everlasting memory,” Arlene said. “I love seeing him (Miguel) have his energy back.”

Miguel and Brody will get to see the trucks in action when they attend the Friday night Monster Jam show along with their families.

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