Hometown Pharmacy’s throughout Wisconsin are taking part in a new initiative to help prevent painkillers and highly addictive medications from hitting the streets. 

Attorney General Brad Schimel was at the announcement at Hometown Pharmacy in Appleton along with Representative John Nygren, Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas and leaders from Hometown Pharmacy.

Two-thirds of people who have abused prescription painkillers first got them illegally from a friend or family member. The new system called Deterra® Drug Deactivation System allows people to destroy medications right in their own home.

By adding the medication in the pouch, adding water and waiting 30 seconds, people are able to dispose of it right in their trash, rendering the medication unusable. 

The pouch can destroy up to 45 pills, six ounces of liquid or six patches.

Hometown Pharmacy’s all 62 locations throughout Wisconsin have the Deterra® pouches available to the public.