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A Referendum to Legalize Marijuana in Brown Co. Could Find it's Way on the Ballot

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) - Brown County could soon see a referendum that would look at legalizing recreational marijuana. But is isn't that simple.     

It would amount to more of a public opinion survey because the county can't overrule state laws on marijuana, so the movement for legalization will be an uphill battle. 

Attorney General Brad Schimel was in Green Bay today and commented; 

"We should be tapping the breaks and making sure that we don't get ahead of science before we make these decisions."

However, an employee at Elf's Gift in Green Bay said; 

"It would be good for the community to help open people's minds about other ways, instead of taking over the counter medications."

Attorney General Schimel says in the coming weeks he and his office will be making information available to the public about marijuana and a recent study from the Journal of American Medical Association.

All referendums are due to the Brown County, County Clerk by August 29th. 

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