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A tractor in a man's front yard might have to be removed in Kaukauna

Kaukauna - An antique tractor that has sat in the front yard of a home in Kaukauna for the past eleven years is now in the hands of the court on whether the tractor can stay or has to go.

Joe Grundy's house has a patriotic feel to it with multiple flags, historic signs and an old red tractor as the centerpiece of his front yard.

However, the City of Kaukauna has received complaints have asked Grundy to remove the tractor because of local ordinance 17.32.3(c)(2) that says that residents can't store vehicles in their front yards.

Grundy was in court on Tuesday and claimed that his tractor is a piece of art and its like many other pieces of historic and unique decorations scattered through Kaukauna.

The majority of people Local 5 talked to have no issue with the tractor, however there have been complaints and the city building inspector told us those complaints grew when Grundy planted corn and a pumpkin patch in his front yard.

The next court date has been set for November 17.

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