(WFRV) — Now that the snow is hopefully gone for good, you may be noticed trash along our state highways. 

But thanks to Wisconsin’s Adopt-A-Highway program, the trash will soon be long gone. The program lets volunteers adopt a 2-mile stretch of highway and clean-up trash for at least three times per year between April and November. 

Last year over 2,700 Adopt-A-Highway groups collected 144 tons of trash and recyclables. 

If you find yourself driving and see a group of volunteers, Wisconsin DOT Communications Director Mark Kantola says to keep your eyes open at all times;

“When you see the highway crews cleaning up the litter, please slow down, try to move over if you can and just be mindful your car is in close proximity to somebody just trying to do a good deed for Wisconsin.”

Nearly two-thirds of the state’s 12,000 miles of highway have been adopted.

The DOT provides safety training, safety vests, highway signs and trash bags for volunteers.