(WFRV) – Wisconsin State Patrol pilots will be monitoring traffic violations through a bird’s-eye view on two different days in May throughout two northeast Wisconsin counties, officials say.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), pilots will be monitoring traffic from the sky on May 5, and 6.

Public safety is the primary mission during any aerial enforcement. Authorities say that it is much easier to notice drivers who are speeding or driving aggressively from the air.

Weather permitting, the State Patrol’s Air Support Unit will be patrolling the following areas:

  • Door County
    • Friday, May 5
    • WIS 57
  • Outagamie County
    • Saturday, May 6
    • I-41

Aerial enforcement was also recently conducted on May 2 in Fond du Lac County on I-41.

When a pilot observes a violation, they communicate with ground-based units to initiate a traffic stop.

“Aerial enforcement missions are announced publicly to reinforce the State Patrol’s goal to improve safety through voluntary compliance with traffic laws, not simply to stop or cite drivers,” stated WisDOT.