GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) Some local soldiers looking to bring awareness to affordable housing for our veterans, through a grueling two-day, sixty mile, five county ruck march.

These soldiers completed their mission. Pat Lovesee, participated in ruck march and says, “We have a real need to take care of veterans and provide affordable housing for them.”

Veterans Village is a three-phase one-of-a-kind affordable housing complex, solely for veterans.

Lovesee says, “The first phase involved renovating three existing apartment buildings. 33 apartments of the 48 apartments have been renovated.”

More than half of our Veterans are over 65, and the next phase of this project will make sure they aren’t forgotten.

Lovesee says, “We’re still working on the building plan for phase two, but it’ll have multiple stories and underground parking that will serve that community. Phase three will be an honor home providing that end-of-life care to veterans. Attached to that phase three is a courtyard of honor, so when a veteran does pass. He passes with honor and he goes to that courtyard of honor.”

All of Wisconsin will be able to see the brave faces that inspired Veterans Village thanks to a wrapped tractor unit decorated with the faces of local veterans.

Danny Rivers, Veterans Village ambassador says, “Those are the people that have served our country and have awarded us the freedoms that we live in today so what a tribute to be able to have them recognized on a working truck.”

Joshua Andreini, helps navigate services at Veterans Village and says, “We’re really attempting to build a sense of community and support the idea that a veteran who may have recently gotten out of the service can be a neighbor to a veteran who may have been out of the service for a long time and so we can become neighbors and provide support to one another.”

Lovesee says, “Nowhere in the United State has anything been replicated like this where we serve a Veteran when they get out of the service all the way to their end of life care.”

You don’t have to live in the Fox Valley to get help from the Veterans Village.