GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One local organization is looking to uplift students of color beyond Black History Month. African Heritage Inc. says its purpose is to remind students of their greatness. 
“Well for us as an organization celebrating Black History is 365 days a year so this program today is just another program that we have “Dr. Bola Delano co-founder of African Heritage Inc. 

The annual African Heritage Emerging Student Leaders Institute introduces scholars to community leaders. Delano says students should be aware of their potential and their support system. 

“We call all our students leaders, they are leaders ,we want to stress that they are gifted, they are talented; we also want our students to know that they have a village of educators who will continue to do what they need to do to engage them authentically,” explained Delano. 

Students attending the event participate in workshops and seminars geared to helping them succeed. St. Norbert freshman Aleana Torres says the event will provide insight on future opportunities.  

“Events like this help teach these children where did I come from, who am I, and that further progresses them in terms of learning who they are, gathering information about who they want to be, and aspiring to become someone way bigger than they even thought about in the first place,” stated Torres.  

Torres says ambition and teamwork is what drives her and others. 

“All of us want to be the first black person to do this, the first African American to do this, this first African American to go to this college, the first African American to win this award when in reality, the more we work together the more we will accomplish together.  

Director of student engagement Keith Brown says the organization looks to prepare and inspire the youth for a bright future.  

“They matter, they’re brilliant, their black brilliance matters, their aspirations matter, we want these scholars to know regardless of what you’re going through you can still reach your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations,” said Brown. 
The event concludes Thursday at the KI Convention Center.