AG: Officers acted ‘justly, calmly’ in March 22 shooting

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A 10-page report from the Attorney General’s Office states officers acted justly in shooting a man accused of killing four people March 22 in the Weston area.

“I also conclude that the officers acted in a calm and restrained manner. The conduct of the officers was professional and clearly intended to try and resolve the incident without injury or loss of life,” the report states.

This calm was clearly audible from the 911 calls, body cam, and dash cam footage released.

“Nengmy, I think enough people have been injured today, okay? I don’t want to see anything else happen to you. Okay, let’s see if you and I can work this out, okay,” said a dispatcher to the shooting suspect who called in saying he wanted to talk to the news to explain everything, then kill himself.

Nengmy Vang, 45, of Weston, died March 31 after he was wounded March 22. Investigators say Vang got into a domestic incident with his wife and went to the Rothschild bank where she worked on March 22. He shot two bank employees to death and then traveled to nearby Schofield, where he shot and killed his wife’s divorce attorney.

The report shows Vang’s wife, Naly called law enforcement around 12:30 p.m. saying he wanted her to sign divorce papers within the next 24 hours or he would come and kill her. She initially told officers she did not believe he would follow through with his threat and that police contacting him would only anger him more. Two Rothschild Police officers responded to the bank and spoke with Naly Vang, but Nengmy Vang was not there.

About 30 minutes later, officers received a call from a Subway restaurant near the Marathon Savings Bank from an employee saying a woman, later identified as Naly Vang, ran into the restaurant saying her husband was trying to kill her and that her husband was currently at the bank.

Another 911 call came in around the same time from the bank. In that screams and gunshots were heard. A short time later, officers arrived on scene.

Vang admitted to the crimes in his first 911 call with a dispatcher while he was barricading himself in his Weston apartment.

“Yeah, I’m the one who murdered everyone shooter,” Vang told the dispatcher. “I want channel 9 and channel 7 to come to my house and we make it news.”

Investigators say he shot and killed an Everest Metro Police detective as the detective was setting up a perimeter. Police eventually stormed the apartment and shot Vang. The report shows Vang was shot 11 times.

The report states Det. Weiland was shot and killed from 100 yards away– demonstrating Vang was a skilled shooter and a significant danger.

“Mr. Vang committed a series of cold-blooded murders which demonstrated he was a serious danger to the public,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Roy Korte.

Korte states any lesser means of force to stop Vang, such as a taser, baton, pepper spray or physical force would have only placed an officer in an even more dangerous situation.

Vang displayed two very different emotions during the three-hours-long standoff. At some points he explains he feels justified in killing four, what he calls, and “innocent people.” At other times, he was apologetic, saying he’s sorry for what he did.

Court documents show, and Vang admitted, he was actively trying to divorce his wife. In June, 7 Investigates revealed on the morning of March 22, Vang changed the primary beneficiary of his life insurance policy from his wife to his brother.

In the first 911 call to dispatch, Vang said his wife was trying to take everything away from him in the divorce. He said he killed each person that day because they called the police on him.

“The *expletive* lawyer, my *expletive* ex-wife, and the people in the bank. They, everybody act so tough,” Vang told the dispatcher. “I want my wife to go to the lawyer and sign the paper work and everything and she yelled at me.”

“Okay,” said the dispatcher, “and that’s what started this is when she yelled at you?”

“She yelled at me and I said, well I want to die. I don’t want to go to jail. I want a new life,” responded Vang.

At one point Vang told the dispatcher “I’m cool, I’m not going to kill anyone else,” when the dispatcher asked if they could retrieve the officer he shot so they could get him medical attention.

Despite that, Vang ignored repeated requests to surrender or drop his weapon, according to the report. At one point, the power was cut from Vang’s apartment and he threatened to kill another officer if the power was not turned back on.

Korte said both Deputy Matthew Bell and Detective Sergeant Dan Goff acted lawfully when they used deadly force and shot at Nengmy Vang.

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