ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials from the Village of Allouez provided an update Monday morning on the status of remodeling the Webster Mall, a project once delayed by its hefty price tag.

In a release from the Village of Allouez, Officials say the demolition process of the project will start on October 23 and is being done by Best Enterprises, a local contractor from De Pere.

The mall, which has been vacant for 2 years is set to become a new multi-usage space. Village leaders says the property will have businesses on the bottom floor with apartments or living quarters on the upper floor.

Community Development Director Trevor Fuller says, “I think it shows reinvestment in the community. It provides those different activity centers or housing options the community’s been asking for.”

The demolition process is expected to take about 60 days and with the mall’s location at 1905 South Webster Avenue, some local traffic will be affected.

About the demolition timeframe, Village Administrator Brad Lange says, “The process of why it takes so long is the environmental aspect of it and disconnecting services. All of those things have to come into play before we can actually tear the building down.

The project is expect to cost between $25-30 million and the village hopes to break ground next year.

Village officials say primary access to the McDonald’s off Webster Avenue will remain open, however, access to the fast food restaurant from St. Joseph Street will be unavailable.

No other traffic changes are expected to happen during the demolition process and anyone wanting more information can contact the Director of Planning & Community Development at the Allouez Village Hall.