Wednesday is America Recycles Day, which has been celebrated every November 15th since being created by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997.  Every year, there are thousands of events across the country to mark the occassion.

People are encouraged to celebrate America Recycles Day by recycling, buying recycled goods, and helping teach others the benefits of recycling.  Additionally, the hashtag #AmericaRecyclesDay can be used on social media.

The Environmental Protection Agency says not only is recycling good for the environment because it conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, and reduces landfill waste, but it’s also good for the economy, with recycling and reuse activities creating over 750,000 jobs a year.  The E.P.A. also says the country has made great progress in recycling in recent years, with the national recycling rate being 34%.  Wisconsin’s recycling rate is much higher, at 94%.  However, an estimated $9 Billion of material is still thrown away each year.

For more information on America Recycles Day, and how you can help reduce environmental waste, click here: America Recycles Day