GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The United States Men’s National Team kicked off their quest for the 2022 World Cup on Monday with a game against Wales, and supporters back home were out at The Bar on Lime Kiln.

A supporter group called the American Outlaws got together at The Bar -Lime Kiln to watch the Americans’ first game of the World Cup, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Cody Johnsen-Duquaine, the Treasure for the group, caught up with Local 5 News to explain what their group is about and why it’s important to cheer on the U.S. during this global tournament.

“We host a bunch of events to have everyone come out and watch the U.S. Men and Women’s team,” explained Johnsen-Duquaine.

Green Bay got its own chapter of the American Outlaws several years back, being labeled chapter 120. Now, Johnsen-Duquaine says the group is over 200 chapters.

The longtime United States fan is excited about the American’s chances this year in Qatar, where the World Cup is being played.

“The team is very young, and you can tell they really want it,” said Johnsen-Duquaine. “Especially after we didn’t make it four years ago, so it’s been eight years since we’ve been in the World Cup. With the way we’re playing right now, we got a good shot at getting out of the group.”

The Bar – Lime Kiln is the official chapter bar of the American Outlaws, and Johnsen-Duquaine explained that supporters are always there for every game.

“Whether it be a friendly or something big like this for the World Cup for the men’s and women’s teams, the crowd’s definitely expanding here,” said Johnsen-Duquaine.

Johnsen-Duquaine told Local 5 News, who was interviewing him during the game, that he is expecting the game to finish in a draw, which ended up 1-1.

The United States will take on the expected winner of the group, England, on Friday.