APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – With inflation hitting record marks, Americans For Prosperity was in the City of Appleton on Friday at MotoMart gas station talking to community members about how inflation is impacting them.

After talking with the community members, the organization was giving away gas gift cards to use to help ease the damage that inflation is having on so many people’s wallets.

“We know that inflation is really high, everybody knows that. We want to make sure people know why there is such inflation right now. We’re out trying to make sure people understand the impact of bad policies,” said Annette Olson, Deputy State Director for Americans For Prosperity.

The group would approach those filling up on gas and talk to them for a short period of time about inflation.

“We’re connecting with citizens, educating them on what is affecting them, and then we’re trying to alleviate a little bit of their pain by giving them a gift card for the gas station. The $25 should help the pain a little bit,” added Olson.

The group, which started in Washington D.C., has had a presence in over half of the United States and continues to talk to communities day in and day out. Organizers say they want to hear your story and how the economy is impacting you.

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“We want the message to resonate even after the event. We’re only here for an hour and a half but we want the impact to be known for a longer period of time. With the gas card, we’re asking people to sign a petition that will go to congressmen and the president’s office saying we’ve had enough and we need new policies,” explained Olson.

For more information about the Americans for Prosperity organization, you can visit its website here.