Analyzing Voter Turnout at the Polls in Brown County

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It was probably the most highly anticipated race in this recent election.

Now that the dust has settled, a new mayor will be assuming office. Eric Genrich will be Green Bay’s new mayor after beating Patrick Buckley with 58% of the vote. But with how highly publicized races were in this last election, how did voter turnout translate to the polls?

“We had 26% voter turnout and that’s of the estimated eligible voters,” says Sandy Juno, Brown County Clerk.

Juno has seen her fair share of election results in the past. Even with her experience, she was expecting a higher turnout of voters.

“It’s not a bad number because there are times where it’s less than 20%,” said Juno. “But I really thought based upon all of the hype with a Supreme Court race, a mayoral race and a county executive race, we would have been in the 30s.”

Despite the minor letdown of turnout, there’s still a buzz in the air. A new member of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is still yet to be decided. Less than a half percent lead prompted candidate Lisa Neubauer to demand a recount over opponent Brian Hagedorn.

“Typically, your results will come out exactly the same so a lot of candidates will request a hand recount,” said Juno. “A lot of times that could find a difference just depending on if you find some errant, markings on the ballot or something that maybe wouldn’t have read the ballot correctly.”

Making turnout numbers all the more drastic. Recounting the votes, Juno says, is expected to take at least a week to complete.

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