GRESHAM, Wis. (WFRV) – Annie’s Campground is ready for the holiday weekend, without restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is controversy regarding the views of the owner Ann Marie Retzlaff. Local 5 News did a story last May about Retzlaff going against the Safer-At-Home order in place by Governor Tony Evers. As part of that order, restaurants and bars were barred from opening for in-person dining. This year, there is no order in place which means the bar on the property can open at full capacity.

The issue this year is a line on the company’s website which states, “We reserve the right to refuse service: No commies, thieves, illegal substances, Antifa, BLM or other terrorists. Safety is our #1 goal.” When asked about this, Retzlaff said that she believes that good, faithful people come to her camp. “I just say it like it is, you know. Say what you mean and mean what you say,” said Retzlaff. She said that if you don’t agree with her views, you don’t have to come to her camp.

Even with the statement on the website, the camp is sold out for the weekend. “We don’t have any open sites in the place, we do have some primitive sections available,” said Julia Maulson, store manager. There have been comments on the Annie’s Campground Facebook page like, “Never ever support this owner,” and “Are Black People able to camp there?” There are others that say, “Keep it up Annie it’s not over,” and “We are looking forward to camping there again next year.”

When asked if she monitors the social media pages, Retzlaff said that she does not. “I have been censored on Facebook and I don’t pay attention to the haters,” said Retzlaff.