SEYMOUR, Wis. (WFRV) – Bellies were full and smiles were bright in Seymour this weekend thanks to the 33rd annual Burger Fest.

Burger lovers near and far traveled to the burger hub of Wisconsin to once again enjoy the Burger-themed festival in all its glory.

At the festival attendees were treated to a full day of fun activities catered to people of all ages.

Events included:

  • World’s largest hamburger parade
  • Hamburger eating contest
  • Car show
  • Raffles
  • Kids race
  • Live music

And while these events were all hits, the biggest attraction by far was the 200-pound giant hamburger that left many spectators speechless.

It took the strength of four festival workers to carry in the sizzling hot burger.

Once at their working stations, the workers laid the burger meat on a huge bun and proceeded to garnish the burger with cheese slices and condiments before offering a bite to the hungry guests watching – yum!

And someone who also got plenty of bites of burger during the festival was Blaize Koon.

Koon, a regular at the fest, has been the reigning champion of the hamburger eating contest for 11 years in a row.

“Yeah, I think last year I was 10, the year before was 12, and so I’m kind of on a decline,” said Koon. “My mom called me [when] I was in Seymour playing with friends and she was like ‘Hey there’s a burger eating contest, you wanna try it out?’ I’m like ‘I eat a lot so I guess sure’ so I did it and I won and I’ve been winning since.”

Well-done, Blaize!