GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Catalytic converters have become increasingly popular for thieves to steal from vehicles, and yet another Green Bay business has had several converters stolen off their vehicles.

Macco’s Floor Covering Center on Larsen Road in Green Bay had three company vans get catalytic converters stolen off of them.

Company Owner Jim Macco explained to Local 5 “They were in our parking lot which is unfortunately not gated, but they were in the parking lot in an area that wasn’t very well lit which is, unfortunately, a good situation for thieves.”

Macco’s isn’t the only business that has had problems with thieves stealing catalytic converters. Businesses in Little Chute and Shawano have also had run-ins with thieves stealing over 40 converters.

Thieves have been targeting catalytic converters because of the metal in them, which can sell for a pretty penny, but damages can impact businesses immensely as the parts aren’t cheap to replace.

“For our vehicles, they can range anywhere from about $2,500 to about $3,500 to replace just one catalytic converter. It’s upsetting and it’s disruptive to our business of course. Those vans were scheduled to go out on jobs but when the catalytic converters are gone they’re very loud so we can’t really send them out on projects,” added Macco.

To keep your vehicle’s catalytic converter from being stolen, use the following tips:

  • Avoid parking your vehicle in isolated areas that are not well lit.
  • Park your vehicle in populated areas with street cameras.
  • Install a protective device to make it harder for thieves to cut out the catalytic converter.
  • Set up vibration triggering alarms.
  • Report suspicious activity when you see it whether it’s where you live or where you work.

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