APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Alderperson Michael Smith said bartenders drinking on the job has caused too many problems in Appleton.

“There was one where they were called in and the bartender was in a fisticuff or an altercation with a customer,” said Smith. “There was another one where they went in and the bartender was slurring their words. Another where the bartender was after hours in the bar with people.”

So he is proposing a new ordinance to allow police to breathalyze intoxicated bartenders if they are called to the business.

“If they go into an establishment and witness a bartender acting a little off-key then they can require a breath test by a Wisconsin-approved system,” said Smith.

He said if a bartender is above the legal limit they would likely need to be sent home.

Smith said, “If they’re really out of shape they could conceivably close down the establishment temporarily and try to get ahold of the owner or get another relief to come in because that bartender is not in a capacity to do their job.”

This resolution is based on one already standing in the City of Neenah, Mayor Dean Kaufert said the only concern was how it would be enforced.

“They have to have a reason,” said Kaufert. “They have to have probable cause in order for them to utilize this ordinance so in Neenah we haven’t had that problem.”

Smith said this ordinance will protect the business owners and increase safety in the community.