APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s been quite the challenge in a world of online shopping to be sure your product was made in the U.S.A.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is leading the charge for accurate labels. She calls it the “Country of Origin Labeling Online Act.”

The bill requires all products to clearly label the country where it was made and the location of the seller.

Right now, Senator Baldwin says it’s a huge oversight that online sellers are not required to give this information.

“They don’t have that requirement to have the country of origin labeling,” Senator Baldwin told Local 5 News. “I think it’s high time that American consumers who want to support American businesses and American workers get the chance to do that.”

A November survey found nearly 80% of Americans believe in a country-of-origin label mandate for online products.

Appleton business Benshot which specializes in original and unique glassware, says it supports the bill.

Many times products are copied online, and Benshot has actually filed suit over the knockoff products.

“It should be front and center on the listing for the product,” Benshot General Manager Ben Wolfgram told Local 5 News. “One of the key points is that we’re proud of what we’re doing. And doing here. People have a right to know they’re investing back into the community.”

Benshot says this type of law is vital for small businesses like theirs, which was started by a father and son back in 2015.