APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – After a citizen found a pup near a dumpster, the Appleton Community Service Officers came to the rescue and recovered the puppy.

The Appleton Police Department posted on its Facebook page about a puppy that was recently found near a dumpster. The department’s Community Service officers recovered the animal.

Officials say that given the circumstances, it is possible that the puppy could have been abandoned by its owner.

The post also mentioned how to surrender pets for those that become overwhelmed.

If you ever become overwhelmed and feel surrendering your pet is the only option, there’s a correct, legal, and humane way of going about doing it. Learn more at the Fox Valley Humane Association website.

Appleton Police Department on Facebook

More information on surrendering pets can be found here. The Facebook post by the Appleton Police Department has over 600 engagements as well as nearly 200 shares.