APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Ostermeier children have found a way to combine their love for toy Legos with their love of the catechism, the principles Catholic Church, by creating an exact replica of their church Pius X in Appleton.

“We don’t know how many pieces are in here,” says oldest sibling Isabel. “And I don’t think we would want to count. It took about two years to get this far.”

8-year-old Linus was the one to first feel the inspiration. But soon siblings Simon, Amelia, Ben, Isabel, and the youngest, Jonah, played a role.

Most precious is the attention they took to make sure everyone was represented.

“There are everyday people like someone with a baby,” Linus pointed out to Local 5 News. “Someone with a crutch. Someone using a wheelchair.”

The concept of using Legos to teach the catechism isn’t completely unheard of. In fact, the Ostermeiers showed Local 5 News Anchor Michele McCormack a 2018 book by the O’Neils that is full of pictures of Lego people and how they take part in the mass.

But the pages really come to life in the hands of the Ostermeier children.

“I think the timing is right,” says dad John. “I think it can help spark some interest.”

The family is the talk of their parish and was featured in the official Green Diocese Newspaper “The Compass.”

During the family’s interview with Local 5 News, Linus showed off his other creation that he made repurposing Lego pieces from his Star Wars collection and Lego Police station; a Pople John Paul II go-cart.

A look at religion in a down-to-earth way through the eyes of a child and their favorite toy.

Happy Easter, everyone!