(WFRV) – It was a busy night for authorities the day before the Green Bay Packers lost their Divisional Round matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, as three people were arrested for OWIs in a seven-hour span.

According to the Washington County Sheriff, there were three people arrested for OWIs in a seven-hour time frame. The first arrest happened on Jan. 21 around 7:50 p.m. and the third arrest happened on Jan. 22 around 2:30 a.m.

First arrest – 7:49 p.m. Town of Wayne

The first arrest was a result of a report that a vehicle almost ran two other vehicles off the road on I-41 southbound in the Town of Wayne. When the vehicle was pulled over, the driver would only crack the window and not provide any identification.

A deputy was able to electronically obtain a DOT photo that showed the operator as the registered owner. The driver was reportedly a 57-year-old man from Lomira and authorities described him as argumentative and showing signs of impairment.

The driver apparently refused to get out of the vehicle and needed to be physically removed by the deputy and a Slinger Police Officer. After searching the vehicle, authorities found multiple items including:

  • Alcohol
  • Loaded and chambered 9mm handgun
  • Loaded shotgun attached to the back of the driver’s seat

A standardized field sobriety test was completed and the driver was arrested for his second offense OWI. Other charges were requested including Resisting/Obstructing, Armed while Intoxicated and Possession of Illegally Obtained Prescription.

Second arrest – 12:18 a.m.

The second incident happened after a 9-1-1 call that reported a vehicle traveling 80mph and ‘all over the road’ on I-41 northbound. The driver was a 32-year-old man from Appleton, and he was pulled over after he hit median cables in the area of I-41 and Canary Lane.

The driver was arrested after officials saw signs of impairment. He was transported to the Washington County Jail and charges were requested for fourth offense OWI and Bail Jumping.

Authorities say the driver was out on bond for multiple open criminal cases. The cases include:

  • 1st Degree Recklessly Endnagering Safety-Use of a Dangerous Weapon
  • Attempt Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor or Law Enforcement-Use of a Dangerous Weapon
  • Operator Flee/Elude Officer-Bodily Harm or Property Damage
  • Criminal Damage to Property
  • Resisting/Obstructin an Officer
  • OWI 3rd
  • Operating while Revoked

It was also mentioned that the driver had a condition of absolute sobriety.

Third arrest – 2:31 a.m. Town of Barton

The third arrest happened after a deputy found a vehicle at a business in the 7200 block of Sleepy Hollow Road. The driver said he dropped his phone under the seat and was trying to get it.

Authorities say the driver was a 34-year-old man from West Bend. The deputy arrested the driver after he saw signs of impairment.

A breath sample was given and it reportedly showed a value of .10. The driver was turned over to a responsible party.

No additional information was provided, Local 5 will update this story if more information is released.