APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – On Tuesday, the Appleton Police Department released its 2022 annual report which highlights crime statistics throughout the year as well as important information about the community and insight into the department itself.

The report this year shows that overall crime appears to be down from last year except for cases relating to theft and auto theft as well as property damage. In fact, most crime, according to the table below, is at its lowest point in the last five years.

Full Year20182019202020212022
Sex Crimes7167707866
Theft/Auto Theft590677858673734
Damage to Property520520605572633

The 2022 annual report also shows that it was a busy year for the department’s K9 team. The department, led by K9s Faro, Ion, Zuul, Onyx, and their handlers, had 268 deployments, 194 narcotics cases, made 54 arrests, and detected 28 explosives.

The department claims traffic complaints are some of the most reported complaints made to police and the annual report may suggest that. With a goal of keeping all motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe, the Appleton Police Traffic Safety Unit made 881 traffic stops, issued 721 warnings, issued 354 citations, investigated 114 accidents, and made 15 OWI arrests.

While the Appleton Police Department faced many challenges in 2022, including being short-staffed, new Police Chief, Polly Olson says she is proud of her team.

“Our staff has been extremely busy and I am very proud of their excellent service. They Have lived up to the long-standing traditions and high standards of the Appleton Police Department and continue to raise that bar higher.”

2023 will be Poll Olson’s first year as Police Chief following the retirement of Chief Todd Thomas.