APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas joined Local 5 and discussed multiple topics including traffic safety and safe route walking maps in the latest Community Update.

Thomas was joined by Traffic Safety Unit Officer Ryan McCord. The Appleton Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit started in June following consistent traffic-related complaints. McCord says it has been very busy as he divides his time to issues brought up by the community.

This position was described as the ear to the community and department for traffic-related incidents. Some of the popular complaints revolved around reckless driving.

So far, feedback has been ‘really beneficial’. There have even been partnerships with air patrol during certain events.

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Traffic complaints can be sent to

One topic that Thomas touched on was driving safely as students return to school. Thomas wants drivers to be aware of kids and not just school zones.

Safe route walking maps can be found for each elementary school. This maps include routes that are the ‘safest’ and Thomas wanted to remind that it may not be the fastest route.