APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas joined Local 5 and talked about topics ranging from increased theft in vehicles to domestic violence, in the latest Community Update.

Thomas provided some additional information regarding the two people who were found dead on Monday. He said the two were boyfriend and girlfriend, and the girl recently moved from out of state. Authorities are still following up on the incident.

When it comes to domestic violence situations, Thomas brought up multiple solutions people can seek out. Whether that be support groups, law enforcement, shelters or other avenues.

Thomas also mentioned there has been an increase in thefts inside vehicles. It reportedly happens every summer, and he described Appleton as a ‘really trusting community’. That leads to car and garage doors being left unlocked/open.

It was discussed that multiple firearms have been taken from unlocked vehicles. Thomas wants to remind residents if a firearm is in a vehicle to make sure it can’t be easily accessed and more importantly, ‘lock your doors’.

Appleton’s Flag Day Parade is taking place Saturday, and Thomas said there could be between 50,000 to 100,000 people. The parade will feature over 100 units and 20 bands, according to Thomas.

Thomas said there will be hard barricades along the parade route to help prevent a tragedy similar to the one that happened in Waukesha.